From a single project to an entire footwear collection, 74FDC is committed to:

  1. Designing best in field product.
  2. Allowing clients to sleep well at night.


With the broadest design experience ranging from Fashion, Football, Lifestyle, Golf and Retro.

74FDC offers a complete range of Footwear Design services including:

Market, Colour and Trend Research


Advanced Conceptualizing

Footwear Design

Factory development assistance

Tech Pack creation and assistance


WOMENS DESIGN PROPOSALS-02WOMENS DESIGN PROPOSALS-03PonyGirl-01-01PonyBoy-01-01Footwear Design, Freelance Footwear Designer, Footwear Design Consultant, Footwear Designer, Shoe Design, Freelance Shoe Designer, Shoe Design Consultant, Shoe Designer

For further information, or to request a quote please use the comment box below.

Or click on the options at the top of the page.

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