3 comments on “Pasiking – A Traditional Ifugao Hunter Backpack

  1. hi what kind of tribe can make this kind of pasiking? cause i read that it depends upon the tribe on how they will make it. thank you.

    • I’m not sure, the Ifugao province in the Philippines is only about as big as El Paso County in Texas so it shouldn’t be so hard to find the tribe that uses it. I think it will be harder to find who still makes Pasiking because nylon backpacks being much more affordable will most likely have replaced the woven Pasiking. You can ask Jeff Werner for more information as I think he lived in the Ifugao region of the Philippines. Contact Jeff HERE

  2. Tena Koe e te Kaiwhatu,
    Greetings to the very talented Artist/Weaver that wove this beautiful piece of your heritage i am guessing was past down from the sharing of knowledge from your Ancestors. I am a weaver myself from Aotearoa (New Zealand) and I can only start to imagine and appreciate the amount of hard work and effort that must of went into making this clever, traditional, and most likely Practical neccesity for your Elders. STUNNING!!! I am wondering if you are selling your Pasiking or are there any weavers that still hold the knowledge of how to weave this gift? it is very very similar to the clothing and bags of my Ancestors, Maori people used to wear and use here in Aotearoa. However I have never seen a bag with the cloak type thing both woven together, GENIUS!!! Seperately we call them Kete Pikau (Back Pack) and Hieke (Waterproof Cloak). Just like your culture there are very few gifted weavers that hold the knowledge of our old people that still continue to make these treasures today, however we are fortunate enough that they are kind enough to share there gift of knowledge with the world and those keen to learn these sacred traditions, Tenei te mihi atu ki aku Pouako, Tena Koe Aunty Elenoa Puketapu-Hetet me tona tamahine ataahua rawa atu a Veranoa Hetet-Hauwaho mo te tuari mai tenei taonga mai a matou tipuna ki ahau, Arohamutungakore kia korua tahi.
    Love, Love, Love te Pasiking!!!
    Arohanui mai tenei Maori kei Waiwhetu ❤

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