2 comments on “The Heritage Hipster

  1. Reblogged this on Paleotool's Weblog and commented:
    Ha! “Lumbersexuals” and “Urban Woodsmen.” Finally some proper names for this “new” fashion trend. We dressed like this in high school and still do whenever we can. The only difference is the new hipsters actually compliment us on our Pendelton shirts and Redwing boots.

  2. My wife calls it “cost per wearing”. I finally sprung for a pair of Irish Setters about ten years ago. The soles wear out, but the uppers seem to last forever. Have worn the same Pendleton shirt for an entire winter season, occasionally shaking the sawdust out to freshen up.
    Lookin’ cool…being cool would be taking that broadax inside instead of leaving it on the porch to rust.

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