An independent, analogical and abstract thinker with a passion for progress and innovation.

For footwear design freelance and consulting services.

Offering clients strategic, progressive, meaningful footwear narratives and design solutions.

Markus Kittner

My International design experience includes work with exclusive brands such as: Ferrari and Ducati footwear through Fila in Italy, Puma and Bata. North American brands include Nautica, Pony and Nike where I was the lead designer in the men’s golf footwear category, and was also the exclusive designer for Tiger Woods performance footwear.

British Open US OPEN Masters Win

With a design background in footwear performance technology and fashion, I enjoy working to a holistic Design philosophy that also includes other fundamental design deliverables such as positive social engineering and environmental compatibility.

Because creativity and problem solving have no limits.

Formal qualifications include a Master of Design in Transport Design from Coventry University (UK).

Fluent in English, Italian and French, also speaking Spanish and German.

Client work is balanced with Social Design projects including design workshops, work for charitable organizations such as Soul of Africa and personal cultural projects such as Huarache Blog which is dedicated to promoting the traditional and sophisticated Mexican Craft of Huarache Footwear.

Huarache Blog

A motivated footwear explorer with strong initiative, guided by the belief of continuous progress through learning and challenge; my footwear design career began at Fila in Italy, later designing for Pony in California while learning about the fashion sneaker culture, then moving to work at Nike in Oregon for the innovation intelligence and today managing my footwear design consulting business from Italy, while also documenting and promoting the unique tradition of Mexican woven Huarache footwear.

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Visit the DESIGN BLOG link at the top of the page to read my posts about new design perspectives and strategic design thinking, from mainstream to the fringes.

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